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Oppdatert: 12. sep. 2021

It has been a long and winding road, but we can finally start to see an end to this madness. The coffeeshop is soon a reality, and we see that it is moving forward day by day. Much remains to be done, such as completing the kitchen and getting the furniture in place. In addition, we must complete the barista training and training of all employees in how to handle our gluten-free products in the best possible way. This takes time, but we want to feel confident that we are ready before opening.

The website is not finished either, but has been launched. The online store still requires a lot of work, but it is being worked on as we speak. We want everyone to be able to taste really good coffee, so different types of coffee and tea will be available in the online store in addition to equipment one may need to brew at home.

Sometimes we wonder if it is all worth it. We haven’t seen much of our friends and family the last few months, and probably wont the next months either. It has been early mornings and late nights to get the coffeshop ready for the grand opening. Soon we are all done and can enjoy having visitors in our own coffeeshop. We can’t wait to see you all there.

It is progressing slowly but surely

This is so exciting

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